Best Online Casino Guide 2019

At you will find some of the Best online casinos on the internet. Our reviewers take the time to methodically rate casinos. We use criteria that are aligned with the interests of the players. Most importantly, we endeavor to rate only those casinos that are safe and legal as verified by eCOGRA..

Each of the online casinos below has offerings that would be appealing to a wide number of players. Included are online casinos that provide high Sign-Up bonuses, a large number of games, unique games, new technology, great graphics and the like. Feel free to try some of the casinos since many do offer FREE spins or credits. Keep in mind that you must be 18 or older to play. We encourage you to play responsibly, within your limits.  Good Luck!

How Do We Rate The Casinos?
We use a proprietary review process developed over time by our staff. The process evaluates casinos based on criterion deemed important to online players. Here are a few of the criterion used to arrive at the specific casino rating:

Is it a trusted site?

Is the site licensed to operate in the jurisdiction, are they providing fair gaming, is the fairness being monitored regularly and are appropriated payouts being made with little to no player complaints?

How many years has the site been active? Consideration is given to sites that have longevity and consistent positive players comments.

What type of promotions are there? We evaluate if the casino offer promotions that are consistent with competitors. We also look at the promotions to validate the offers legitimacy. Many times, the offers contain too many obstacles that negate the value.


What types of games are offered, how new is the technology, the graphics interface quality, are there any unique offerings and how many varieties are offered.

Other Criterion – we also look at the overall functions of the casino. Items such as banking mechanisms customer service, whether a loyalty program is offered and how is it structured. Items such as
this helps us form our review based on a weighted system of points.
These are just some of the criterion used in our reviews.

Casino Players Guide Lines

Are My Funds Safe?
If you are playing on a site that is eCOGRA accredited, the casino's systems have been tested by a third party to be safe. eCOGRA routinely screens online gaming providers to ensure the casino is safe and
fair. This regular, random process gives players the seal of approval, an indication that the casino passed.

Players are typically afforded a number of banking mechanisms to deposit and withdrawal funds. Be it credit cards, NETELLER, SKRILL or the like, always ensure that you are entering your personal information
into the proper site. Casinos are very diligent when it comes to ensuring your safety but, as we all know, there are those that circumvent the security for malicious reasons. Always use your best judgment. If you ever have any doubts or questions, stop and contact the casino directly. This will ensure that you are not falling prey to a hacker.

Basic Information That You Should Know
We encourage everyone playing on a site to take the time to understand the games they are about to undertake. Although we would love to be able to teach everyone about online gaming, it is impossible to give a “one size fits all” education. That said, there are certain basics that we can provide so you have a general understanding of online gaming.

Legality – First, it is illegal for minors to gamble online. You must be 18 years of age or older. Some jurisdictions require players to be 21. Please check. Second, although you may be able to get to an online site from anywhere in the world, it may be illegal in that country. Check the site and local laws to be sure.

Means to play – casinos typically offer several options for playing online. There is typically an option to either download software or not. By downloading the software, it provides more enhanced features that may not be available with certain browsers. In addition, the mobile play is routinely available for IOS and Android devices.

Promotions – Remember, nothing in life is free. When you see an offer, the Free money is routinely tied to your fund deposit. Although the money is yours to use, the casino protects itself from those wishing to take the money without playing. That said, funds are withdrawn formulaically and in some situations predicated on wager requirements.

Terms and Conditions – always check the terms and conditions page. Every casino is different. This provides the underlying logic behind every action.

Gamble Responsibly
Online gambling can be fun and entertaining. It can also be addictive and destructive. Players should also play within their means, not above it. If you feel that you cannot control your play, you have a number of mechanisms that can help. Play and wager limits are typically available through the casinos. Set these parameters to ensure that you do not exceed that which you can afford. If that doesn’t work, you can self-exclude yourself. In this case, the casino will not accept your wagers based on the self-exclusion parameters.

If you feel you have or maybe developing gambling problems, reach out to the groups that can help. GambleAware is one such group. Contact information is contained at the bottom of each of our pages. Don’t hesitate, you can be anonymous.